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Have you ever wondered - how can I help?  To achieve our goals we need the support of the whole community!  

You may be able to donate staff time or your company's resources - it doesn't just mean writing out a cheque to help us.  

Talk to us more about ways you can help!

Soccer Game

Does your club want to be part of our Norwest Community Hub?

It doesn't matter what sport or club you are in, or if we already have another member who does the same thing.

We are keen to get as many Clubs as possible in our Hub - as they say, there is strength in numbers!


If you are a group in our community who has a passion for helping others or love working with people - we need you too!

Whatever you do in our community, we are here for each other.  

Please contact us today to talk further about how you can be involved


Business Meeting


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