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Do you have a community project that you need help with?

Is your organisation struggling to attract or retain members?

Do you have enough resoures / services / facilities in your area to grow participation?

The Hub is looking for projects that we can help you work on - so please, give us a call today!


November 2023


One area that our members highlighted to us in our community meeting that they were struggling with was the ability to play or train in winter due to a lack of floodlit fields/spaces in the Northwest.

So, we thought we would see if some portable lights would help this situation...

Many thanks to Hirepool and Fulton Hogan for assisting us with a portable light tower to try!   

We tested this at Tulett Park and it was just great.   Next step... lets see if we can get some funding to get some of these in our community. 

If you or a business/community partner you know might be keen to help us with this please contact us :)



Community Meetings / Consultation

Thanks to everyone who attended our Community Consultation meetings in July and August 2023.  It was great to have such a wide and varied group of people with different ideas collaborating on what facilities and resources would enhance our community and ideas for placement of these.  We had representation from gymnastics, football, rugby league, cricket, rugby and basketball clubs as well as local primary and secondary schools.


Some of our team at Celebrate
Bishopdale Day -

Sunday 20th
November 2022

Celebrate Bishopdale Day_edited.jpg
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